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This is the twelfth post in our 30 Day Ask Clay Crowdfunding Q&A.

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Hey everyone…this is Clay Hebert from…and today’s question is…

How long should my crowdfunding campaign run?

This is a great question and definitely one that’s on the mind of everyone doing a crowdfunding campaign.

The answer is extremely simple.

“Your project should last 30 days.”

This gives you enough time to execute the plan, not get fatigued and stay sane.

It’s also a short enough duration to maintain urgency for the backers.

Now this isn’t just my opinion or common sense, Kickstarter has published data that 30-days is the sweet spot for crowdfunding campaigns.

Now there are some exceptions, if you’re going to be on the road the last few days of the campaign, it’s fine to extend it a day or two or even three or four, but don’t run a 60-day campaign because that’s too long, people are going to lose interest and there’s not enough urgency for the backers. It’s OK if it’s not exactly 30 but 30 days should be the target duration for your campaign.

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