Most people make crowdfunding a lot harder than it has to be.

But crowdfunding doesn’t have to be hard…once you know what to do.

Below are some blog posts that walk you through how to plan, build, launch and promote your crowdfunding project.

How to Build the Ultimate Landing Page (Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign)
Crowdfunding projects get funded before they launch, not while they’re live. This post shows you how to build the ultimate landing page to build permission with your true fans well before you launch.

How Kittyo Gathered 13,000 Emails in Only 5 Months – Part 1 (Includes Successful Templates, Strategies, etc.)
Promoting your landing page is a great way to find your tribe and test your marketing. You don’t need everyone, you need a few thousand of the right people. This is how Kittyo promoted their landing page and gathered 13,000 emails in only 5 months.

Crowdfunding Strategies and Tips: An Audio Interview with Dan Martell
In this 39-minute audio interview with Dan Martell, I cover many of my favorite crowdfunding strategies, tips and tricks.

How to Crowdfund an App
When crowdfunding an app, you often can’t charge enough for the app to reach your funding goal. This post explains how to solve that problem and increase your average contribution per backer.

How to Crowdfund: An Audio Interview with James and Claudia Altucher
In this fun Ask Altucher podcast interview, I cover a wide range of my best crowdfunding tips and tricks with my friends James and Claudia Altucher.


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