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How Kittyo Gathered 13,000 Opt-In Emails in Only 5 Months – Part 1 (Includes Successful Templates, Strategies, etc.)

By | Case Studies, Kickstarter | 13 Comments

UPDATE: Congratulations to Lee and the entire Kittyo team. They ended their stellar Kickstarter campaign on Friday, May 23rd, raising $271,154 from 2,425 backers. NOTE: Before you read this post, please go back and read last week’s post, I explained exactly how Lee and the Kittyo team optimized their landing page until it eventually converted at 40-50%, well above the industry average. The best way to build permission is to consistently deliver quality content, usually via a blog. But most crowdfunding creators haven’t done that. Many crowdfunding projects are brand new ideas. So a clear, effective landing page with an obvious…

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How to Build The Ultimate Landing Page (Before Your Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign)

By | Case Studies, Kickstarter | 11 Comments

Last week, I explained how Kittyo’s success was perfectly planned and that the project was funded even before it launched. It worked. Kittyo’s $30,000 Kickstarter goal was fully funded (100%) in only 45 minutes. They were 200% funded in just a few hours and just passed $200,000 with 19 days to go. Today, we’re going to analyze exactly how Kittyo used what I call, “The MacGyver Trick” to raise $200,000 in two weeks and crush their Kickstarter goal. Remember MacGyver? Growing up, I used to watch Monday Night Football on TV every week. But one hour before the real-life gladiators…

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This Kickstarter Project is Already Funded (and it Hasn’t Even Launched Yet)

By | Case Studies, Kickstarter | 16 Comments

[UPDATE: We were right. Lee’s Kittyo Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded! He raised $30,000 in less than an hour! And the funds raised total is still rising rapidly. Huge congratulations to Lee and the entire Kittyo team!] Last September, Lee Miller came to me for crowdfunding advice.  We met for coffee to discuss his unique idea for a device that would allow you to play with your cat, even when you’re not home. Now, seven months later, Lee Miller’s Kittyo project is launching (in just a few minutes) on Kickstarter. Most project creators get very nervous about finally publishing their project…

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