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Crowdfunding Project Teardown: Next Keyboard for iPhone on Kickstarter

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A lot of you have been emailing me asking for more videos and screencasts, so… I put together this 4-video screencast teardown of Next Keyboard – The Perfect Keyboard for iPhone, a live, recently launched Kickstarter project. (Note: I traded a few emails with the team before they launched, so I gave them advice on a few pieces of this, but I wasn’t deeply involved in the planning or execution.) There are 4 video screencasts total, and in each, I analyze a different piece of the campaign: In the first video screencast, I discuss their project title, their funding goal and their…

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How to crowdfund
an app

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How to crowdfund an app In this post, I’m going to teach you: how to crowdfund an app why crowdfunding an app is different than crowdfunding other projects which reward level you should offer your app at how you should price your app the two key attributes of great reward levels how to increase your average contribution per backer Why crowdfunding an app is different Crowdfunding an app is different than crowdfunding other products for two main reasons. Consumers ALREADY expect apps to be cheap. People expect mobile apps to be either free or only cost a few dollars. For desktop…

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Crowdfunding Strategies and Tips: Audio Interview with Dan Martell

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In this audio interview with my good friend Dan Martell, we cover.. Why good crowdfunding is good marketing (0:50) The difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing (and the simplest way to remember the difference between the two) (1:18) How the concept of crowdfunding isn’t new at all but what changed to allow crowdfunding to blow up in the last few years (2:50) How Kickstarter almost got started back in 2001 (4:40) What you can’t do on Kickstarter than you can do on other platforms (6:00) What to consider (and what not to consider) when choosing a crowdfunding platform (6:55) The differences…

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An alternative to Black Friday

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Last week, I was flying through Toronto and while checking in, the ticketing agent exclaimed, “You live in New York City?!” I was surprised that she was surprised, given that Toronto is only an hour flight and that she must handle routes to New York every day. I quickly realized that her excitement wasn’t that I lived in New York but that she would be heading there soon. “I’m going there next week! Technically for Thanksgiving but really for Black Friday!” It took my brain a few beats to process the fact that not only was she looking forward to battling…

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How Kittyo Gathered 13,000 Opt-In Emails in Only 5 Months – Part 1 (Includes Successful Templates, Strategies, etc.)

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Lee and the entire Kittyo team. They ended their stellar Kickstarter campaign on Friday, May 23rd, raising $271,154 from 2,425 backers. NOTE: Before you read this post, please go back and read last week’s post, I explained exactly how Lee and the Kittyo team optimized their landing page until it eventually converted at 40-50%, well above the industry average. The best way to build permission is to consistently deliver quality content, usually via a blog. But most crowdfunding creators haven’t done that. Many crowdfunding projects are brand new ideas. So a clear, effective landing page with an obvious…

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