Since January of 2012, I’ve worked with over 150 entrepreneurs and creatives to help them raise over $50 million on popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and now I want to help you.

Below are the different services I offer depending on your project, your timing and your budget.

Crowdfunding Content (free)

Here on this site, you can find loads of free crowdfunding content…

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Cost: Free
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Live Crowdfunding Workshops (free)

I host free live crowdfunding workshops where I teach crowdfunding content and answer your questions live via video.

You can submit your questions for me ahead of time (register here and then click the red “Ask a question or suggest a topic” button) and I’ll answer them live on the webinar.


Cost: Free
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Fund Your Dream: my comprehensive online crowdfunding course

For those looking for a more guided journey, I’ve put all of my experience and crowdfunding insight into a robust online course called Fund Your Dream.

How it works:
Fund Your Dream is a self-paced class that teaches you how to plan, build, launch and promote a successful crowdfunding campaign. There are ten video modules, step-by-step checklists, worksheets, videos, scripts, templates and downloadable calculators.

You can learn more about Fund Your Dream here.


Cost: $495, which is the lowest price this course has ever been offered for. The price will increase soon and throughout 2016.
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Personal 1-on-1 video consulting

This if for you if you’re looking to accelerate your results with customized support. Maybe you’re launching soon or your campaign is already live and you need help optimizing and maximizing it. If you need personal, 1-on-1 video consulting, I offer one-hour video strategy calls.

How it works:
You’ll fill out a short survey about your project, your goals and your questions or struggles. I’ll pre-read your answers and we’ll schedule a one-hour video strategy session to discuss and optimize your project. You’ll receive a complete replay of the entire call, including the video and all links and documents shared during the call.


Cost: $1,000 per one-hour session + full video replay + links and documents shared on the call 
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In-Person Workshops

If you’d prefer to meet in-person, I offer full-day, on-site workshops to completely map out your crowdfunding and marketing strategy.

How it works:
The workshop offering includes four distinct parts:

  1. Pre-workshop strategy call (60 minutes):
    Before the workshop, we’ll have a one-hour call where we discuss your project. I’ll share planning spreadsheets and templates and we will do some necessary preparation for the on-site workshop.
  2. Full-day on-site crowdfunding strategy workshop (full-day):
    The core component of this offering, the on-site crowdfunding workshop is where we’ll plan out your entire crowdfunding project, from pre-launch marketing through fulfillment. You can bring your entire team.
  3. Post-workshop strategy call (60 minutes):
    After the workshop, as your team digests and executes on what we cover in the workshop, you may have some additional questions as you finalize the campaign video, campaign page, and your marketing efforts in preparation for launch. This call is an opportunity to talk through any open items.
  4. Call #4: Final pre-launch call (60 minutes):
    This is the final call before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. We’ll review the actual campaign draft link and make sure all the details are buttoned up before you click the button and launch your campaign to the world.


Cost: Variable
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Keynote presentations

If you need an engaging speaker for your conference or event, I frequently give keynote presentations on crowdfunding, marketing, innovation and creativity. You can learn more about my speaking topics, rates and what past event organizers and audiences have to say here.


Cost: Variable
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