Crowdfunding Project Teardown: Next Keyboard for iPhone on Kickstarter

A lot of you have been emailing me asking for more crowdfunding videos and screencasts, so…

I put together this 4-video screencast teardown of Next Keyboard – The Perfect Keyboard for iPhone, a live, recently launched Kickstarter project.

(Note: I traded a few emails with the team before they launched, so I gave them advice on a few pieces of this, but I wasn’t deeply involved in the planning or execution.)

There are 4 video screencasts total, and in each, I analyze a different piece of the campaign:

In the first video screencast, I discuss their project title, their funding goal and their unique choice of project duration.

Crowdfunding Video Teardown – The Next Keyboard – 1 of 4 – Title, Funding Goal and Duration


In the second video, I review their crowdfunding video, bit by bit. If you’ve ever wondered what to include in your crowdfunding video, this one is for you.

Crowdfunding Video Teardown – The Next Keyboard – 2 of 4 – The Video

In the third video, I analyze their rewards and pricing and the value at each level. They did something really clever with the $1 level.

Crowdfunding Video Teardown – The Next Keyboard – 3 of 4 – Reward Levels and Pricing

In the fourth and final video, I review the main body section of the campaign (the part below the video). The Next Keyboard team also did something really smart here that you can steal for your own campaigns. In this last video, I also cover a two small tweaks I’d suggest to the team to help increase conversions.

Crowdfunding Video Teardown – The Next Keyboard – 4 of 4 – Campaign Body

What do you think? Did you like this? What else do you want to see?

Let me know in the comments below (or with a social share).

If you find them valuable, I’ll do them more often.