Zuddah Coconut Oil

Many creators are still planning and considering how to launch their first campaign.

Some already have one under their belt. Ambitious creators have done two campaigns.

Tyson Adams just launched his sixth. This time, for Zuddah Coconut Oil, his latest venture.

Because Tyson has done this before, his campaign is already 50% funded in just a few days.

I’ve known Tyson for years and we’ve collaborated on multiple projects, so this time, we thought it would be fun to bring you behind the scenes of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

So each week of his campaign, I’m going to interview Tyson live and we’re going to pull back the curtain and teach you the exact crowdfunding lessons you can use for your own campaign.

We just recorded the first of four interviews.

In Part 1 of 4, Tyson and I chat about:

• How Tyson started crowdfunding (1:50)
• How to craft quality, high-value rewards (3:02)
• How to make your brand sticky via crowdfunding (4:20)
• How Tyson fell in love with coconut oil (and then became a expert) (5:40)
• How to validate or invalidate other people’s advice (11:00)
• Why Tyson chose crowdfunding for a product he’s going to sell on Amazon (17:00)
• Tyson’s unique pre-launch marketing and branding plan (18:25)
• How Tyson chose the design and branding for Zuddah’s packaging (20:30)
• The importance of a specific customer avatar (22:00)
• How Tyson developed, planned and created his Zuddah Indiegogo campaign video (23:50)
• How to grab the viewer’s attention with your video (25:00)
• A great example of a crowdfunding video you can learn from (and mimic for your own campaign) (26:05)
• The importance of pricing your reward levels “below MSRP” (27:20)
• Why you need an impactful campaign headline that can stand on its own (28:45)
• One of the most common crowdfunding mistakes (and how to avoid it) (29:15)
• One part of your crowdfunding campaign page that you can edit after you go live (31:15)
• Why your campaign needs a “no-brainer” reward level (32:15)

You can watch the video below. If you can’t see the video, click here.

I’ll be talking more about Tyson’s campaign and answering your crowdfunding questions live at my next crowdfunding mini-course. The online mini-course is free and it’s live but seats are limited, so signup today.

  • http://www.churchoftheuniverse.info/ Reverend Ryan

    Cool. Needed to learn more about this… campaigns that work for a change.

    • http://www.crowdfundinghacks.com/askclay Clay Hebert

      @reverendryan:disqus I’d love to know what you think. Also, I’ll cover exactly how to setup your campaign for success on the Tuesday workshop. I hope you can join us.

      • http://www.churchoftheuniverse.info/ Reverend Ryan

        Great points. You’re one of the few with a good grasp of the sector. I liked the interview. Tuesday, I’m off to an industrial cannabis farm. Hope you record it.

  • http://www.zuddha.organic Tyson Adams

    Was great chatting with you Clay! Looking forward to Friday where we will dive deeper into building lists and adding value to gain interested people.

  • Max Hilmer

    @clayhebert:disqus I’m interested in what you think about @tyson_adams:disqus ‘ pre-launch marketing and research (like analyzing reviews on Amazon to better understand his consumer market). Do you think a platform where people can post they’re initial startup ideas to gage interest, get analytics and hear feedback from potential consumers would be valuable? I know wegreenlight.com is breaking ground in this direction and I’d love to hear what you think!